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Challenge Synthetic DNA Management Software
Synthetic DNA Management Software
STATUS: Awarded
Active Solvers: 942
Posted: Nov 30 2009
Challenge ID: 9002305
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The Seeker is looking for a programmer to implement a PHP based web interface to a designed database. The Challenge outlines the specific software requirements and suggests some interface designs that should be implemented by the Solver.
This Challenge requests that Solvers implement a particular database meant for managing the ordering of DNA sequences. The database schema, table create scripts and some strongly recommended interface designs are all laid out in exquisite detail. The Seeker who creates the most complete solution will be awarded the full award if all of the stated requirements are met.
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What is an RTP Challenge?

An InnoCentive RTP (Reduction to Practice) Challenge is a prototype that proves an idea, and is similar to an InnoCentive Theoretical Challenge in its high level of detail. However, an RTP requires the Solver to submit a validated solution, either in the form of original data or a physical sample. Also the Seeker is allowed to test the proposed solution. For details about treatment of IP rights, please see the Challenge-Specific Agreement.

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