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Drug Delivery of Large Proteins Through the Urothelium

AWARD:  $25,000 USD
STATUS: Under Eval
POSTED: 1/23/17

The bladder is an expandable muscular organ that stores urine before it is excreted. The urothelium lines the surface of the bladder and acts as a protective barrier limiting exposure to toxic substances collected in the urine. In some situations, it is advantageous to administer drugs locally to the bladder lumen. Furthermore, certain diseases of the bladder require delivery of drugs, including therapeutic proteins, to the bladder wall or underlying muscle. Therefore, the Seeker desires a novel technology that can significantly enhance the delivery of large therapeutic proteins through the urothelium.

This Theoretical Challenge requires only a written proposal.

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Challenge Overview

The bladder wall contains multiple layers. The urothelium is the bladder’s inner layer (lining the bladder lumen) and is a multi-layer barrier that prevents urine and waste products from penetrating into the submucosal space. Although the urothelium is capable of regeneration after acute damage, repeated injury leads to permanent damage, bladder dysfunction, chronic pain, and bladder disease. Drugs to treat bladder dysfunction or disease can be administered either systemically or locally to the bladder lumen, however the low permeability of the urothelium can minimize therapeutic efficacy of the latter. Therefore, the Seeker desires a novel technology that can significantly enhance the delivery of large therapeutic proteins (≥ 150 kilodaltons) through the urothelium.

To receive an award, the Solvers will not have to transfer their exclusive IP rights to the Seeker. Instead, Solvers will grant to the Seeker a non-exclusive license to practice their solutions. 

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on February 22, 2017. 

Late submissions will not be considered.

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